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Swim Below The Falls

Swimming The Victoria Falls


Swimming Below Victoria Falls

Known as “Devils Delight” this is a unique opportunity for the adventurous few to view the Victoria Falls from the bottom up.


This is a new activity on the Zambezi river, some swim above and Shockwave Adventures swim below the falls with its customers.This is the best way to see the falls from the bottom. If you don’t want to raft for 10km just choose this option of two hours swimming below the falls and just do small rapids and walk out of the canyon and its only 10 minutes drive back to town hotels.


*Please note that this is a seasonal activity and can only be done when the water level is low September through December.


US$100 (2 hrs Swim below the Falls)

US$195 (1 hr Swim below the Falls + 10km  Rafting)

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