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Meet Our Team

Tatani  (TT)

Dougie (OG)

Tabuya (Tabs)


Njabulo  (JB)

Philani Moyo (MD)


Our friendly guides have the necessary qualifications and experience to safely conduct rafting trips on the mighty Zambezi River below the Victoria Falls. All of our guides have rafted internationally including the Nile, Colorado and other major rivers but come back each year to the challenge of the Zambezi. Our friendly reservations team ensures that every trip is a trip of a lifetime. Team Shockwave won the Zambezi 2012 Rafting and Kayaking Championship, the last competition to be held to-date!

Whilst there are many adventure companies to choose during your time in Victoria Falls, by deciding to use Shockwave Adventures you are supporting the only African owned and operated company on the entire Zambezi river.

Our managing director Philani – a Victoria falls native has not only guided professionally on 4 continents but has been pioneering the Zambezi since 1995. During this time ‘MD’ won the accolade of Africas best kayaker, competed in the rafting world championships and trained countless guides for various companies many of whom you can see on the river today.

It is no exaggeration that modern day Zambezi rafting has been heavily influenced by the efforts and passion of Philani Moyo and his team. Founded in 2001, Shockwave Adventures is a tight – knit community of professionals all hand selected by Philani to match his high standards from our world-class guides to our drivers, chefs and highly organized office staff.When we choose employees at Shockwave we believe that sheer quality will always outweigh quantity.

Choosing Shockwave Adventures ensures that you will have a once in a life time experience with the highest standard of safety and service whilst also helping the community of Victoria falls flourish. Think Local, raft with locals!

Your safety is our number one priority on and off the river. Without exception we believe in having safety kayakers for all trips. Our biggest safety features are our world-class, certified, professional guides – you will appreciate the difference that they make.

We have a comprehensive first aid kit and Advanced First Aid trained guides who are also Swift Water Rescue Technicians. With our enviable safety record we are at the forefront of the white-water industry with our constant training and innovative safety procedures.


Philani Moyo (MD)

The local owner and director of Shockwave Adventures, started his rafting career in 1995 on the Zambezi. Philani does rafting, kayaking and river boarding. He has rafted and kayaked over 30 rivers in the following countries Zimbabwe - Zambezi River, South Africa- Tungela-Fish River-Orange, Italy- Dora Beltia- Valsesia-Lao Fueme- Valle Disole, Slovenia - Sosha River, Switzerland- Thun, France- Spain-Sort River, Austria- Grazie, USA- Colorado State-Colorado River-Browns Canyons- Numbers- Gore Canyon- American River in California- West Virginia on Gauley River- North Carolina at USWTC, South America- Futalefu, and many more rivers around the world, He holds Learners professional hunters license, Advanced First Aid, Cpr, Swift Water Rescue Technician and a member of Italian Rafting Association, Italian Canoe association and American Canoe Association. Fluent speaker of English & Italian and his goal is to be in the next Kayaking and Rowing Olympic. He has done over 10 world kayaking Championships around the world.

Click here to read Shockwave Rafting Safety Briefing



Co-owner of Timberline USA. He has guided rivers throughout the United States and Zimbabwe for more than 15 years and has a number of first descents under his belt. Most often found on Class IV and V rivers, Mongo is truly at home on the technically challenging rivers of the world. In addition to working with Shockwave rafting in spring and Vail Ski Patrol during the winter, Mongo is the owner and operator of Mongo Products, which has created bombproof rescue and technical equipment for the adventure sports community since 1990. Mongo most recently added a popular fishing vest, the Mongo Guide Vest, to his line. Learn more at Mongo has also been a member of the men's U.S. Raft Team for the last three summers. The team had a great showing last fall in Ecuador at the World Championships finishing third place overall, which is the best finish by a U.S. men's team ever. They also had a Gold Medal finish in the sprint part of the competition and were crowned 2013 USA National Champions, qualifying for the 2013 World Championship in New Zealand.

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Dougie Nalishebo (OG)

With more than 30 years of rafting experience on the Zambezi River, OG does rafting and river boarding. He has rafted rivers in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Swaziland,Costa Rica,Australia and has also worked for international companies such as Waterby nature, Sobek, Adrift International and Biobio Expeditions. In 1995 he did voluntary guiding for the national geographic trip on the Zambezi River.

He was part of the Zimbabwe Rafting Team that came third in the rafting world championship in 1997. He is certified in First Aid and CPR, a Swift Water Rescue Technician. OG also takes his guests for a village tour and teaches them about rural life.

He has held a Zimbabwe Host Certificate from the Customer Care Course since 1998.


Resistance Sibanda 

The co-owner of Shockwave Adventures and head of our reservations team. She loves her job and has been in the tourism industry since 1998. Resistance is friendly and always happy to provide all of the information on the various activities our guests need. She will help you design an itinerary specifically to suit your needs. Resistance has a diploma in sales and marketing.


Tabuya Sibanda  (TABS)

Tabuya has more than 18 years of rafting experience on the Zambezi River and does rafting and river boarding. He has rafted on many rivers in both Zimbabwe and Norway including the Stranda and Randal Rivers. He holds current First Aid, CPR and Swift Water Rescue Technician certifications and is a member of Norwegian Rafting and Kayaking Association. He speaks Norwegian, English and nine other local languages. Since 2007 he has been a member of Zimbabwe Rafting Team, which came first on the Zambezi challenge in 2012. He spends his summers rafting for Voss Rafting in Norway then returns home to the Zambezi River. 


(Tambu Video / Photo Grapher)

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Tatani Shoko (TT)

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Njabulo Nxumalo (JB The Guide)

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Terrance Nyoni

With more than 5 years of experience on the might Zambezi river Terrance is one of the youngest rafting guides on the river and has a lot of experience. He does rafting and river boarding and holds a valid first aid certificate from Red cross, he speaks fluent English a little bit of Spanish and seven local languages. Terrance is a local guy who started as a porter and got upgraded to be a river guide


Njabulo Lunga  (JB Pumba)

With more than 17 years of rafting experience on the Zambezi river,Pumba  does rafting and river boarding .kayaking and tandem kayaking .He has rafted rivers in Zimbabwe and South Africa orange river and in Swaziland .He is certified in First Aid and CPR,a Swift Water Rescue Technician .PUMBA also take his guest for the gorge hike ,fishing trips and village tour and teaches them about rural life .


Silent Ncube (Never Silent)

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Zim Flag Flying high.jpg

Liberty (Safety Man)

The Mighty Zambezi Angel”, as affectionately known is an enthusiast, flexible, fun, friendly, passionate, reliable and an energetic professional with 14 years of experience as a river guide and is skilled in guiding, kayaking and canoeing guests along the Mighty Zambezi river.

Liberty has superior talent for entertaining audience members and delivering a high level of customer service. Liberty has extensive knowledge of history, culture and current or contemporary information about the Victoria Falls City and the Zambezi River, trees and geographical location of Zimbabwe etc.

Liberty speaks English fluently, proficiently and other native local languages respectively. He is a fully licensed river guide and a class 4 driver. He holds a valid first aid certificate from Zimbabwe Red Cross .

“The Mighty Zambezi Angel” started his river guiding career at Shockwave Adventures in 2010 as a porter before he getting promoted to be the head porter while working extra hard to upgrade himself. He had the guts, optimism and belief to do just that.

Liberty got his guiding license in 2015 and was privileged to be part of the Zimbabwe National team that competed in the World River Raft Race Championships that were held on the Zambezi River and won the gold medal in 2012. He has guided the entire Zambezi River and is well vexed and knows how to handle it well. He was part of the team that went to Chimanimani to rescue victims that had been affected by floods in 2019. Currently he’s aspiring to raft rivers abroad in Europe and in the United States.

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Benko Belo

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Nxumalo Vaccination_edited_edited_edited

Owen Nxumalo (Head Driver)

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