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Social Responsibility

As a small company which is growing it is our vision that we elevate partners, customers, neighbors and greatly the community to create the positive change. We really believe in the power of Social Responsibility...

The entire premise of our business is to market and distribute more responsible holidays thereby creating more jobs for locals and also greater income and also increased benefits for conservation. We thrive to be leaders and contributors to an inclusive society and a healthy environment so that everyone we touch can endure and thrive As a locally owned company which values where we come from we thrive to protect the environment therefore our business practices secure ecologically, sustainable development of the use of natural resources and we are also involved in clean up campaigns to protect the environment for future generations to come. We also assist in job creation and improving skill shortages by training guides in the nearby village, there is also job creation on different aspects especially to the youths by giving them employment training different skills as it will also reduce crime in the society The company is also regularly involved in various sporting events for instance the previous Victoria falls marathon ​About ethics and governance of the company there is a code of ethics that gives the organization the direction how it is runned and relationships between customers and suppliers The company also takes its time in teaching the community about HIV and AIDS and preventative methods. Shockwave Adventures has helped local people in form building school blocks in village of Jenkwe, Church Block, donating medicine, school books, pencils, pens and also maize grain during drought season. The objective is to contribute economically to the local communities (families and Society)

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