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White Water Rafting Trips On

Our 2016 Whitewater Rafting season is starting on Wednesday 18th of May 2018 on the Zambezi River, this is due to some water levels on the river which has finally dropped enough to launch our rafts from rapid # 14 to rapid # 28 or Open Season rapid.


# Get first hand information from this locally owned company with over 20 years experience in this industry as we offers a unique experience by creating custom adventures away from mass rafting.

# Shockwave Adventures offers extra 5km compared to other companies on the Zambezi River when this high water season comes, we cover (16km)

# Our first-class, small-group ,VIP and personalized rafting trips on the Zambezi River are unmatched in the industry.

# We have a money back guarantee policy if not satisfied with our service (applies only online bookings)

# We carry a wide range of whitewater activities to suit every person including children, beginner paddlers, advanced paddlers and senior rafters by offering our 3 types of rafts depending on your experience.

# Our priority as Shockwave Adventures its safe with our enviable safety record as we are at the forefront of the white-water industry with our constant training and innovative safety procedures.

# Finally we are proud of being pioneers of this rafting stretch 9 years ago

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