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Wildlife Reserve


Shockwave Adventures organizes safari trips to African wildlife game reserves in Zimbabwe Hwange national park, Matopos and in Botswana we do  Chobe national park upto Maun, Okavango Delta Namibia.

You can choose these tours depending on your budget from these packages, Silver (Budget) -  Gold (Medium Range ) and Platinum (High End)

Minimum number of people to confirm this tour its 4

Chobe National Park in northwest Botswana has one of the largest game concentrations in the African continent. The Chobe National Park offers the chance to see any and all of the big game species including elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, giraffe, kudu and hippo. This is also the country's first national park. You can either do just a one, day & overnight or couple of days from Kasane Chobe upto Maun -Namibia

The Okovango Delta is a large, flat wetland in northern Botswana which covers thousands of square kilometres of the Kalahari Desert. The Okavango River discharges 11 cubic kilometres of water into the Okavango Delta annually, making it one of the best places in Africa to view large populations of animals. Not only is it the world's largest inland delta, the Okavango exists in a desert! You'll find the flowing waters and lush greenery of the Okavango Delta in the middle of the Kalahari Desert due to a geological event that occurred over 50,000 years ago. 

Kruger National Park is a fenced National Park located in the north-eastern part of South Africa. KNP is one of Great Limpopo Transfontier Park, including Limpopo National Park in Mozambique and Gonarezhou in Zimbabwe. KNP is located in the dry savanna biome, and was established in 1898 to protect wildlife. Besides good conservation work, that allows the largest numbers of wild rhinoceros on the planet, as well as substantial elephant herds, Africa’s three big cats species, rare antelopes, and about 10% of the world’s remaining African painted dog population to thrive?

Hwange National Park Situated in the southwest of Zimbabwe, is the largest in the country, covering more than 14,600 square kilometres (5,863 square miles) or 1,460,000 hectares. Hwange National Park really is a great game park, for me it is genuine Africa, not filled with tourists in minibuses crowding

Matobo National Park is in southwest Zimbabwe. It’s known for the Matobo Hills, a range of balancing rock formations created by erosion of the granite plateau. The walls of Nswatugi Cave feature Stone Age rock art. The park has significant populations of black eagles and both black and white rhinos. The grave of Cecil Rhodes, founder of former British colony Rhodesia

Masvingo (Great Zimbabwe)

Situated in south eastern Zimbabwe, the capital of Masvingo Province, Masvingo town was formerly known as Fort Victoria. It is located near the Unesco-listed Great Zimbabwe National Monument, the ruins of an ancient city of mysterious origins that dates back thousands of years and shows evidence of an advanced civilisation. Masvingo serves as an excellent base from which to explore several attractions such as this in the surrounding region, including beautiful Lake Mutirikwi Recreational Park, the enthralling Kyle Dam, and the Kyle National Reserve, home to abundant wildlife. 

Nyanga National Park

The rolling hills of the 47 000 hectare Park Nyanga National Park, on Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands, are home to a multitude of scenic rivers, refreshing streams and breathtaking waterfalls. The park boasts both Zimbabwe’s highest mountain peak and its highest waterfall and the elevated altitude provides a cool and pleasant climate and fresh mountain air, perfect for rest, relaxation and plenty of outdoor adventures. The mountainous terrain and its sparkling fresh water sources offer excellent opportunities for fly fishing, sailing, canoeing, swimming, and hiking. Visitors are likely to encounter a variety of fascinating wildlife including, among others: kudu, zebra, impala, sables, and eland.


#  Birth Certificates - Please make sure to bring birth certificates for your kids under 18 years of age & if its single parent have an affidavit that authorizes you from the second parents please this for entering South Africa & Chobe Botswana

Please check on our Safari tours below for full description, itinerary and photos

We offer this packages from Silver, Gold upto Platinum Range packages depending on your budget


Book Your Wildlife Game Safari Hwange Package Now for a Lifetime Experience


Hwange safari:

Are you planning for Africa tour? Don’t miss the chance of visiting Hwange National Park. It is Zimbabwe's largest safari and game reserve that covered the area near at 14,650 square kilometers. When you visit Wildlife game safari Hwange, it is effectively joined with a visit to Victoria Falls.

Along with that you can explore many waterholes pulling in enormous crowds of an elephant, a key element of the park. Well, this can be seen toward the finish of the dry season in September and October. You can see the lion, buffalo, hyena, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest sable, roan and other antelope.

This Park is known as Largest Wildlife game reserve Hwange as a huge range of habitats exist in its limits, extending from the thick forest in the north down to semi-desert scrub flanking the Kalahari in the south. You will find different rare living spaces, including critical populaces of gemsbok, brown hyena and exceedingly jeopardized wild dog.

In fact, many lodges and resorts are accessible for you in your tour packages and the safari lodges & camps offer true encounters. When it comes to different activities in Hwange safari game drive, it includes night drives and guided strolls that guarantee an elite safari experience.


Tour time:

When you are making a plan for Wildlife game safari Hwange, ensure you have chosen the best time. We can say that the dry season, which falls generally among June and October, is the best time for diversion seeing in Hwange National Park. Aside from that you can likewise pick the wet season November to April for bird-watching.

Chobe Safari:

Chobe National Park in northwest Botswana has one of the biggest diversion focuses in the African landmass. The Chobe full day game safari offers the opportunity to perceive any of the major event species including elephant, bison, panther, lion, giraffe, kudu and hippo. This is additionally the nation's first national park. You can pick Chobe day game safari or overnight tour as per your interest.

Moreover you are looking for Hwange safari or Chobe full day safari to national park; you ought to employ a tour operator that can make your Africa tour memorable.

When you think of the best yet affordable tour operator in Africa, you can contact us online. We offer different packages at the best prices that would meet your requirement.


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