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Enjoy Zambezi Whitewater Rafting through Shockwave Adventures

Experience one of Southern Africa's biggest thrills with this Zambezi whitewater rafting trip on the Zambezi River. Navigate the rushing waves of 19 Level 4 and 5 rapids, covering some 23km in a seriously strong raft. This Zambezi whitewater rafting trip will surely be one of your most memorable African moments.

Your Zambezi whitewater rafting trip begins at the famous Boiling Point, directly under the Victoria Falls. You will paddle through the Botoka Gorge, through stunning natural landscapes, and over rocky water ledges. At Shockwave Adventures, our Zambezi whitewater rafting guide will help you in ensuring a safe passage, and water levels, which change with the seasons, determine whether you go high or low on the rapids. If levels are low, Zambezi whitewater rafting may not be available in April and May.


  • Whitewater Rafting on the Zambezi River

  • Experience one of Southern Africa's biggest thrills

  • Navigate 19 rapids with the help of our Zambezi whitewater rafting guide

  • Round-trip hotel transport, lunch, and safety equipment included


What you can expect more on Zambezi Whitewater Rafting Trip

At Shockwave Adventures, our friendly driver will pick you from your Victoria Falls hotel in the early morning and transport you to the park. After an important safety briefing, you will hike down to the notorious Boiling Point to meet our Zambezi whitewater rafting guide. Lifejackets, helmets and other safety supplies are provided and our Zambezi whitewater rafting guide will ensure the boat is balanced before your epic journey over level 4 and 5 rapids begin. Low water season, when rapids are most intense, is typically between August and December, while high water season occurs between January and March and then again in June and July. Check in advance during April and May to ensure Zambezi whitewater rafting is still taking place if water levels have fallen.

You will hammer your way through notorious rapids with terrifying names like "The Overland Truck-eater" and "Gnashing Jaws of Death." You will not only be enjoying the adrenaline-pumping thrills of this exceptional activity, you will also marvel at the stark, sheer beauty and tranquility of the breathtaking Batoka gorge.

Upon landing in your endpoint, you will climb with your Zambezi whitewater rafting guide for the highest point of the gorge and enjoy cold beers, BBQ, and fresh fruit. The Zambezi whitewater rafting tour finishes up with a slideshow of the day at Cafe, followed by a return trip to your hotel.

Contact us today at +263-21328-43001 to book your Zambezi whitewater rafting.

Height in Meters and Feet

Width in Meters and Feet


Mean Annual Flow Rate

Mean Monthly Flow Rate MAX

Mean Monthly Flow Rate MIN

Mean Monthy Flow 10yr MAX

Highest Recorded Flow

Victoria Falls
108 m        360 ft

1700 m        5577 ft


1088 m³/s   38,430 ft³/s

3000 m³/s   105,944 ft³/s

300 m³/s   10,594 ft³/s

6000 m³/s   211,888 ft³/s

12,600 m³/s   444,965 ft³/s

Niagara Falls
51 m         167 ft

1203 m        3947 ft


2407 m³/s   85,000 ft³/s

3000 m³/s   105,944 ft³/s



8,269 m³/s   292,000 ft³/s

Iguazu Falls
64-82 m     210-269 ft

2700 m        8858 ft


1746 m³/s   61,600 ft³/s

3000 m³/s   105,944 ft³/s



12,800 m³/s   452,000 ft³/s


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