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Vic Falls Weather & Falls Photos Update

To all visitors coming to Victoria falls please be warned about hot weather over here, please drink lots of fluid, wear hates and apply a lot of sun screen. For those going whitewater rafting you may even wear light fast dry long sleeves shirt or t -shirts and hates or caps under your helmets.

Weather forecast from today the 1st of October 2016

Sat 37° 22°

Sun 39° 22°

Mon 33° 18°

Tue 33° 18°

Wed 33° 19°

Thu 36° 22°

Fri 38° 23°

Sat 39° 23°

Responding on Vic Falls Drought discussion

Please find some photos i took today which are on Livingstone Island and Devil's Cataract.

Livingstone Island viewing from Zimbabwe side

Devil's Cataract Viewing from Zimbabwe side

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