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Shockwave Rafting Safety Talk

A clear and thorough safety talk is one of the most important elements of any competent, professionally run river trip.

Please note that this safety talk is in english and if english is not your first language please use google translate to your own language so that you fully understand

by Philani Moyo, Shockwave Adventures Owner plus Head Guide

Safety Kayaker Demo before rafting starts

August 26th Comment from Shockwave Clients after rafting on trip advisor

White Water Rafting

We chose Shockwave Adventures for our rafting and are so glad we did, they gave us such an amazing day and it was a mind blowing experience. The rafting took place down at the base of the falls (it is incredible seeing it from this perspective) we were briefed on safety and whilst rafting were told interesting facts about the river and it's geography. We went to 19 different rapid points (some small, some really big) and at the end had to walk up a really steep cliff to get to the point where we were fed and picked up to be taken home. I had been suffering from food poisoning over the past days and my body decided that it didn't want to get me up the cliff, the photographer for Shockwave literally put me on his back and carried me up the cliff- I honestly do not know what I would have done without him and I am eternally grateful. If you are visiting the Victoria Falls please choose Shockwave for your excursions, they are not the biggest company but they are by far the best! Thank you Shockwave team!

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