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Victoria Falls Flight of Angels

Victoria Falls Flight of Angels


Experience the 'Victoria Falls Flight of Angels' point of view direct. A helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls are referred to as the ‘Flight of Angels’, as the main thing the David Livingstone composed after observing this Natural World Wonder in 1855 was “scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight.” Experience it as the angels would have with a 13-15 or 25 minute flight over this beautiful scenery fit for deities.

An ideal way to appreciate the true magnificence of the Victoria Falls Flight of Angels is to see them from the air. You will arrive at the helicopter pad that has a magnificent natural backdrop of the Victoria Falls out there. One of the friendly staff will give you a short however useful security preparation and point out your helicopter flight way on a magnificently illustrated map.


From that point, you will board the helicopter and the excitement begins. After a smooth take off you will advance towards the Victoria Falls Flight of Angels. The excitement grows as you approach the falls. You can just really value the sheer magnitude of the Victoria Falls Flight of Angels from a helicopter flight.


Victoria Falls Flight of Angels Trip Duration

The 'Victoria Falls Flight of Angels' trip begins – whenever you need, really. The different flights leave throughout the day as well as the transfers. You will be picked up from your accommodation and sent straight to the landing zone where you will hop on and take flight. The helicopters additionally have exceptional good size windows so that you have full panoramic views of this amazing Natural World Wonder.


After departure the helicopter turns out towards the great Victoria Falls Flight of Angels, the pilot will fly left and right hand circuits over the Victoria Falls, flying you in the two headings with the goal that you can get the best viewing positions for photography and recording opportunities. You will then be flown back to the Zambezi National Park to end off your flight and will be transferred back to your accommodation. This flight is short, sweet yet exceptional.


The 25-minute flight is much of the same except you keep flying downstream over the Batoka Gorge; experience the natural beauty of this spectacular dramatic feature, following the mighty Zambezi River, as it cuts its way through the precarious bluffs. On this flight, you will invest somewhat more energy exploring the Zambezi with all its cracks and hole of etched flawlessness. As we head back we fly over the upper Zambezi River & the National Park, home to a wide variety of wildlife species. A trip up the Zambezi River and back over the Zambezi National Park completes your 'Victoria Falls Flight of Angels'.


When you have landed securely you will have the chance to see some photographs and a video from your 'Victoria Falls Flight of Angels' excursion. These photographs and DVD's of your helicopter flight are available for purchase. From that point you will be dropped back off at your accommodation to plan for your next Victoria Falls adventure.

13-15mins - Price $150  & 25mins  -Price $284
Not Included: Government levy Fees $25 per person ( Bring it on the day of the tour please)

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